Paris on demand is a hosted document composition & workflow service that is secure, reliable and lightning-fast

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our solution offering:
Paris Deliver

Paris Deliver is a cloud-based document delivery service for seamlessly delivering customer communication through physical mail, email, portals, and SMS.

Visit the Paris Deliver website to learn how to reduce customer communication costs while automating the process.

Transaction Communications as a Service

The hosted Paris on Demand document composition and workflow service, delivered by XLPrint, continues a history of innovation and leadership in the world of document composition and workflow solutions for transaction communications. It is a powerful, simple to use hosted service sitting between your hosted or on-premise enterprise application and your preferred delivery channel, be that print, digital or mail.

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What are transaction communications?

Transaction communications are data-driven documents produced and required by business processes to facilitate and communicate a transaction.

Common examples are invoices, statements, letters and forms however they can also include process-oriented documents like labels, delivery-notes, checks, prescriptions and more.

To understand the scope of transaction communication applications enabled by Paris, visit the "Solutions" tab.

Who needs Paris on Demand?

Whether you need to redesign your statements, print prescriptions on plain paper, email insurance policies, or develop a bespoke document workflow, Paris will meet all your transaction communication needs today and in the future. 

Paris is an open-architecture system that allows companies to produce and maintain any type of data-driven transaction communication. 

Trusted by Fortune 1000 customers, healthcare organizations, governments and education institutions in more than 50 countries around the world, Paris is here to make your life a whole lot easier!

To see how Paris is used across almost all industry segments, visit our "Industries" tab.

Are you looking to reduce costs?
If you are looking for a way to reduce the costs of producing your invoices, packing slips, labels, forms etc., Paris will get you there. Replace costly pre-printed, multi-part paper with clean and inexpensive plain paper. Reduce mailing costs with mailing optimization and even reduce mailing altogether by delivering documents electronically.
Are you looking to drive process efficiency?
If you are looking at ways to automate and simplify your transaction communication production, look no further than Paris. Paris automates document composition and output, including electronic delivery, taking out unnecessary steps and inefficiencies.
Are you looking to integrate into existing systems?
If you are looking for a solution that integrates into your existing (and future) business systems, look no further than Paris. Paris is an open solution that seamlessly integrates into existing and future enterprise applications without the need to change systems and processes.
Are you looking for a printer-independent solution?
If you are looking for a solution that will work on all printers, Paris is what you need. Paris works with any print device from small desktop or departmental devices up to very high-speed production devices. Paris produces extremely efficient output to ensure the highest print speeds and to reduce network traffic.
Are you looking for reliability and performance?
If you are looking for a proven, reliable and easy-to-use transaction communication solution, look no further than Paris. Paris has been fulfilling the transaction communication needs for small to very large organizations around the world for over 30 years. It has evolved into a very capable and robust solution trusted by thousands of companies.
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How does Paris on Demand integrate into your business?

Enterprise applications and business systems are notoriously complex and difficult to change. 

Paris sits between these and your desired delivery channels to take the burden of document composition and workflow off these applications.

Paris allows you to easily create and modify your transaction communication documents and then ensures high-speed composition and delivery of these documents to any channel, be it digital or print.

To see how Paris can fit into your business visit our "Paris" tab.

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