Document composition
and workflow 
as a Service

Document composition and workflow as a Service

Paris is the leading hosted service built exclusively for the design, production and delivery of transaction communication documents.  It is modern, robust, and user-friendly and is ideal for the design and production of  data-driven documents such as bank statements, utility bills, insurance policies, hospital forms, labels, checks, prescriptions and so much more.

Announcing Paris Version 5 !

XLPrint are extremely proud and excited to announce the availability of Paris Version 5. It is the next step in the evolution of our leading transaction document composition and distribution technology used by thousands of customers across more than 55 countries producing billions of pages a year on production and distributed devices and electronically.

Paris Enterprise Version 5 introduces new features and functionality to help you address your evolving and complex transaction document production needs now and into the future. Upgrades to Paris Version 5 are available for all currently licensed customers. Talk to our support team today to find out more.

Paris Sample



A truly “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor allows you to graphically lay out and manipulate both data and form elements at the same time for quick and accurate development and maintenance of print applications. Page through sample data files for real-time proofing with a 100% accurate representation of the ultimate output.

Design once:

Design once for any destination. The Paris on Demand Designer allows you to design transaction communication applications independently of the destination making it easy to deliver the document to any on-premise printer, email, fax, SMS and direct to mail.


On-Premise Printing Performance:

The Paris on Demand service will print to any on-premise device at optimum speed - including PostScript, HP-PCL, VPS, PDF and GDI. Unlike many services on the market, Paris on Demand is designed to print transaction applications anywhere, efficiently.


Automatically deliver perfect electronic PDF or TIFF copies via email or Fax, or to your document management system including meta-data for EDI and indexing for filing.

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Perfect copies:

Generated by the same Engine that produces the print-ready output, electronic output from the Paris on Demand Service is guaranteed to be an exact copy. Output as searchable PDF or as a TIFF image then have Paris on Demand automatically deliver these documents via email, pushed to your self-service portal, or uploaded to your Document Management System.


Extract the document's meta-data during composition to add value such as index information, address information, or transactional data. Use the extracted meta-data to power new workflows or EDI data interface processes.


Input & Output:

Paris on Demand workflow definitions allow you to define any number of automated workflows. Trigger input events from remote watched-folders, TCP-IP LPD and more. Output to any on-premise printer including PostScript, HP-PCL, Windows GDI and more. Deliver electronic copies via email or to your Document Management System. Deliver direct to physical mail.

Process & monitor:

Trigger scheduled actions based on the day and time or on the presence of certain documents. Apply document actions such as mail optimization, merges, sorts and filters. Apply custom  processing using scripts to manipulate the input data. Apply composition rules according to events in the data. Manage print jobs and devices from anywhere.


Operator console:

The Paris on Demand Console operator interface can be accessed securely from anywhere via a web browser for monitoring and maintenance of the Paris on Demand Service document workflows and output devices. Configure user profiles and access levels to enable view-only, job and printer control or full administrator level control.

Any device:

The Paris on Demand printer-independent philosophy ensures that operators can move print jobs from one device to another without concern. Operators can remotely pause, restart, move and delete jobs through a simple, responsive user interface available through any browser with no need to install software.


Convert resources:

The Paris on Demand Conversion Service allows you to convert legacy LCDS resources such as Forms, Fonts, Images and Logos as well as Job Definitions. Resources are converted into generic Paris on Demand resources meaning that they can be maintained and enhanced in Paris on Demand.

Transform print streams:

Paris on Demand can consume your legacy LCDS print streams meaning that there is no need to change your existing applications. Embedded DJDEs are interpreted on the fly and output to any device for a true printer independent solution to your LCDS migration.