A leading healthcare document composition and workflow solution

Healthcare document composition and workflow

Healthcare is an extremely regulated and sensitive industry relying on the timely and secure delivery of information to ensure the highest level of care. Paris is employed by hospitals and other healthcare organizations around the world to provide the most powerful healthcare document production solution.

Secure Prescription Printing

Hospital and other healthcare organizations with automated, high volume prescription production requirements realize significant cost and effort savings when they introduce the Paris solution to print prescriptions directly on to plain paper. 
The solution ensures the necessary tamper-resistance and conforms to CMS requirements. 
These organizations no longer have to be concerned with purchasing, securing or managing expensive pre-printed prescription paper.

Healthcare Billing Solutions

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations with complex, medium-to-high volume bill production requirements turn to Paris to automate their billing processes, saving time and reducing costs. 
They use Paris to introduce a clarity of design through intelligent document functionality to promote efficient communication of services provided, ensuring prompt payment. 
They further optimize their billing process through mail optimization and electronic delivery.

Healthcare Insurance Forms Solutions

Helping hospitals and other healthcare organizations meet the need for timely and accurate production of healthcare insurance paperwork has been the cornerstone of Paris in the healthcare document production area. 
They print standard forms such as the UB04 and HFCA1500 on to plain paper to save money and improve quality. 
Paris is ideal for medium to high volumes. Use Paris to gain mail optimization and savings as well as electronic distribution.

Long Term Care (LTC) Forms Solutions

Long Term and Assisted Care organizations use Paris to reduce the cost, and improve the efficiency, of the production of vital forms such as Medication Administration Records (MARs) and Treatment Administration Records (TARs). 
Using Paris to replace costly pre-printed, multi-part forms, Long Term and Assisted Care organizations can now print these and other documents on plain paper and at the point of need, freeing up time and resources for the care of their patients.

General Healthcare Forms Solutions

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations around the world turn to Paris for the production of vital care-giving documents such as Patient Wrist Bands, Face Sheets, Labels and more. 
Reduce costs, save effort and reduce errors by using Paris to automatically deliver these vital documents to the point of need with the highest quality.

Mail Order Pharmacy Forms Solutions

Mail Order Pharmacies use Paris for the creation and delivery of crucial documentation associated with the fulfillment of  orders. 
Paris is able to generate and assemble the necessary package of documents in real time, ensuring that they arrive in time to be inserted into the mail order package.