Digitize your document workflows by printing data-driven interactive forms directly to Sony’s Digital Paper

Deliver documents directly to Digital Paper

Digitize your business processes and free your users from the costs and limitations of paper by printing your existing data-driven workflow documents to Sony’s Digital Paper devices automatically and without any need to change existing paper-based document workflows. Capture rich structured and written data automatically, eliminating the need for costly and time- consuming data entry.

Introducing output to Sony's Digital Paper

Sony’s Digital Paper devices and services give users the benefit of a completely paper-free digital workflow while retaining the benefits of the physical paper experience. The Digital Paper device is robust, lightweight and easy to read in all light conditions. They have exceptional battery life and connect wirelessly for true remote access.

The Digital Paper devices are a natural and interactive paper-like work context allowing your users to write and draw with a stylus or interact using touch. 

Integrate interactive form objects such as check-boxes, drop-down lists, radio buttons and much more for endless structured data capture possibilities.

Capture free-form writing and drawing using the stylus for additional capture possibilities including notes and diagram annotations.

Replacing paper-based processes

The Paris document composition solution allows you to print your existing data-driven paper-based documents, such as delivery notices, picking slips and much more, directly to Sony Digital Paper devices and services without any change to your existing business infrastructure.

Paris appears as a virtual printer to your existing systems. No changes to your applications are required. Use Paris to compose the documents, including reproduction of pre-printed elements as well as the addition of interactive form objects for structured data capture. 

Then deliver the document to your user’s virtual mailbox for instant distribution.

Digital mailboxes

Your user’s Digital Paper device will then securely connect to the user’s own virtual mailbox to pick up new documents instantly. Completed documents flow securely back through the virtual mailbox and into your back-end workflows automatically.

Digital workflows

Returning documents contain rich structured and written data which can then integrate directly into your back-end systems without any need for data entry. Being paper-like, the captured document is also immediately available for archiving and electronic storage and sharing.

Features at a glance - Digital Paper

* Full page size for familiar paper-like experience.
* Robust and light.
* Stylus for pen-like writing.
* Interactive form objects for structured data capture.
* Easy to use and no learning curve.
* Many days of battery life.
* Easy to read in bright sunlight.
* Holds thousands of documents.
* Connects wirelessly.