Eliminate costs and security risks by printing MICR encoded checks

Intelligent check printing

Paper checks just won’t go away. They continue to serve a vital role in business for processes such as payroll, accounts payable and reimbursement. Paris Check Printing can help improve and secure your check printing process by encoding the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line at the same time that the rest of the check information is being printed.

Print the MICR line:

Special paper is still required for printing checks. It must include various security features that will avoid physical tampering. However, by printing the MICR line at the same time as the other check information, you can simplify your check base stock by eliminating the pre-encoded MICR line.

And, by printing the MICR line with the other check information, your systems already know which check number is associated with which payee.

In contrast, pre-encoded checks must involve a process where the check number is correlated with the payee in a separate process after check printing. This is ideal, too, for situations where a check run must be re-printed.

One stock for all accounts

By printing the MICR line with the other check information you can easily switch between accounts.

In contrast, check stock with a pre-encoded MICR line where the MICR line includes the account number, you must separate your check run into accounts so that the operator can switch to the appropriate pre-encoded stock. This creates extra effort and takes more time and opens an opportunity for error and waste.

Print signatures

By printing the signature at the same time as the MICR line and other check information you can eliminate the need for a check-signing process after printing.

In addition, where different signatures are required for different accounts, Paris will automatically call the appropriate signature based on the account. And when people change, it is extremely easy to change signatures in Paris.

Print logos and other branding

By printing logos and other branding, such as addresses, at the same time as printing the MICR line, signatures and other check information you can easily change branding within a check run.

And when you add accounts or change branding, it is extremely easy to implement the change in Paris and continue using the same base check stock.

Multiple page checks

Most checks include a detail section outlining the items being paid for and presenting other information to the recipient. In some cases, this information may run to a second (or more) page.

By using Paris, it is easy to call plain stock from a separate tray for continuation pages. Paris does this on the fly so there is no need to print overflow checks separately.


Paris will record details about every page printed including the number of pages, the date and time and much more.