Migrate your existing Paris software to the Paris on Demand Service

Welcome to the next generation of Paris

The Paris on Demand Service is the next step in the evolution of our leading transaction document composition and distribution technology used by thousands of customers across more than 55 countries producing billions of pages a year on production and distributed devices and electronically. The Paris on Demand Service address your evolving and complex transaction document production needs now and into the future. 

Document Composition and Workflow as a Service

With an estimated 80% of all data centers moving to the cloud by 2025, the time has come for Document Composition and Workflow to be delivered as a hosted service, independent of host application platforms and location.
Continue to enjoy the benefits of a familiar dedicated and feature-rich document composition and workflow solution when migrating your data center platforms and applications to the cloud.

Web interface

Access your Paris on Demand service securely and easily from anywhere at any time through any web browser. Provide varying levels of access to different users from full administrators down to view-only monitoring.
Enable notifications to instantly notify the administrator when an issue arises in your Paris on Demand Service.

Connect your business applications from anywhere

Run the Paris on Demand Appliance on-premise or from your hosted applications to efficiently and securely deliver input to your Paris on Demand workflows from legacy sources such as LPR and Directory Watch.

ConnectYour Business Applications programmatically through the API

Build new business applications that can access your Paris on Demand Service directly via an Application Programming Interface (API). Implement the API to seamlessly leverage the power of Paris on Demand Document Composition, Workflow and Delivery.

Efficient and Secure On-Premise Printing

Run the Paris on Demand Appliance on-premise to efficiently and securely deliver output to on-premise printers. The Appliance works seamlessly with your Paris on Demand Service to secure and optimize on-premise, on-demand printing, avoiding expensive and inefficient alternatives.Use the Appliance to automate on-premise printing, avoiding the need for users to manually receive, open and print PDF.

Direct Digital Delivery

Deliver email, fax and SMS directly from your Paris on Demand Service. No need to buy, run and maintain email and SMS servers on-premise. Enjoy the benefit of ensuring that your digital documents exactly match printed documents. Include indexing to add meta-data to digital delivery.

Print and Mail Directly from the Cloud

With your data center moving to the cloud, it is likely that you no longer have on-premise print and mail facilities. Take advantage of Paris on Demand’s ability to print and mail directly, efficiently and at the right price.

Easily Migrate existing Paris Applications and Resources

Your Paris on Demand Service is 100% compatible with your existing Paris Version 5 software (and earlier). Existing resources are 100% compatible requiring little if no changes to your applications. Use the new Resource Manager to upload directly to your Paris on Demand Service for a seamless transition.
Take advantage of XLPrint’ s excellent professional services to help you make the move to the cloud. Let us migrate your existing Paris system for you for a true turn-key solution.

Regional XLPrint support and upgrades are available to all currently licensed customers through phone and email: