2-Up, 2-Sided Printing


This sample shows how Paris can be used to fit two logical pages on to one side of paper. Combined with duplexing, you are able to fit four pages of data on to a single sheet of paper.


Ideal for situations where you need to physically print list-type output for reference while saving on the cost of paper by 75%. A good example of this type of functionality would be price lists that need to be physically carried by sales people and referred to as required.

Add intelligent "New Front" logic where Paris can detect the first page of a sub-report and ensure that it begins on the front of a new sheet so that the output can be split and shared easily.


In this example, we are using Paris' Cascading Data Block technology to define logical pages on a physical page. Each can be positioned separately and each can have its own properties such as font, spacing and events.

Paris gives you full control over the line spacing and character spacing of a font to achieve the most readable, yet compressed, presentation of large blocks of data.

We are also looking for "Page 1" in the 4th line of every logical page. When detected, we perform a "New Front" action and start a new page, making sure that it is a front.