UKLG Printing and Electronic Delivery


This sample shows how Paris can be used to add significant value to UK Local government transaction documents like Tax bills and invoices.


High quality, structured and clear tax demands with data driven content relevant to the recipient and added features like payment barcodes have been shown to improve collection rates.  This coupled with the fact that more streamlined documents in terms of format and content, mail consolidation for single-enveloping and automatic electronic delivery can significantly reduce the cost attached to production and delivery of these documents.  Further added value has been achieved by
including additional relevant and personalized content.


In this example, we are using a range of standard Paris features including full color graphics, modified addressing, a range of barcodes, additional data driven content and graphics, a variety of fonts, colors, lines, shapes and styles to highlight important content, boxed columns of data with automatic overflow pages and system generated data.

This application has also been configured to support automatic electronic delivery and consolidation using our EDO and Pagebuffer functionality.

Paris gives full control over the format, content, positioning and style of
documents and also automation of delivery to a number of delivery channels.