Effortlessly enable Mobile Payment from your Paris documents

Paris Mobile Payment

Would you like offer your customers an easy and secure method for paying you from a mobile device? XLPrint have teamed up with Papaya Payments to offer the world’s simplest mobile payment option. No additional infrastructure or services is required. Simply point your customers to the Papaya mobile app. Your customers simply take a picture of your invoice and press “pay”. The rest is done for you. No need to invest in complex applications and technologies. Leverage what you already have and make it as easy as point-and-click for your customers to pay you!

How it works

All you need to do is add content to the bottom of your invoices suggesting that your customers can also pay from their mobile phone by simply taking a photo of the invoice and pressing “pay” in the Papaya app.
The Papaya mobile application is already used regularly by hundreds of thousands of users to pay all sorts of invoices and bills however the Papaya app is also available for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play for those that don’t already have it.
The payment will be processed using any of the customer’s stored payment methods and the customer will be notified when complete.

Your customer's advantage

Your customer benefits by being able to pay by simply taking a quick photo of your invoice and pressing “pay”.  
Payment can literally be made in seconds and from anywhere and at any time.
Papaya makes the payment process as simple and secure as it should be. No need for your customer to remember login information or security credentials and they can use it to pay all their bills, not just yours.
Papaya also keeps all of the customers payments in one convenient, secure location. Here they can view receipts and pending payments.

Your advantage

By using Paris to add the Papaya content to your invoices and pointing your customers to the Papaya app, you are offering them the easiest way possible to pay by mobile device.
Results show that, when offered, 22% of customers prefer this payment method, usually resulting in two-times faster payment and a very high level of satisfaction.Being paid twice as fast on around 22% of invoices can result in some significant savings in “days outstanding” and can improve cash flow with 63% of payments being received within 20 days and a 36% reduction in customer service calls.
Above all, customers now expect to be able to pay via mobile phone. Now you can give them what they want with no investment in effort or technology.


- Payment made simple.
- Payment is secure: HIPAA and PCI compliant.
- With  22% take-up and 2x faster payment, you get paid faster.
- 63% of payments within 20 days.
- 35% reduction in customer support calls.
- No  technology or integration costs.
- It  is likely that your customers already use Papaya to pay other bills.
- The  Papaya mobile app is available for free to your customers.