Paris Version 5

Welcome to the next generation of Paris !

Paris Version 5 is the next step in the evolution of our leading transaction document composition and distribution technology used by thousands of customers across more than 55 countries producing billions of pages a year on production and distributed devices and electronically. Paris Version 5 delivers new features and functionality to help you address your evolving and complex transaction document production needs now and into the future. 

State of the art User Interface

The Paris Designer and Paris Spooler user interfaces have been completely upgraded and refreshed to follow the popular Microsoft Office 2017 user interface style while still retaining the familiar controls and dialogues. An upgraded and unified Help system adds to the ease of use and user-friendliness of the fresh new interfaces.

True PDF Import

The PDF Import Utility now imports PDF objects natively, without requiring a conversion to full-page image. The resulting Paris Forms are now more efficient and completely printer-independent.

Direct and secure IPP and LPR printing

New Paris Spooler output options include direct Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and LPR connection, meaning that you can now print directly and securely to a printer instead of printing via a Windows printer queue.

SendGrid email support in Paris EDO Email & Fax

The Paris Electronic Document Output (EDO) module now supports emailing through the very popular SendGrid emailing service in addition to the existing SMTP option. The new SendGrid option means that you will no longer have to implement and maintain your own SMTP servers.

PCL and PostScript driver upgrades

The Paris PCL drivers have been upgraded to support graphic resizing and full color. The Paris PostScript drivers have been enhanced to support transparency.

Complex XML for EDI data interchange

Paris disk licenses now support complex XML schemas for meta-data export. This allows you to export meta-data in nested and iterating XML structures suitable for most EDI interfaces and allows you to automatically share data from Paris with other

Fully Accessible PDF output

The Paris PDF output module now supports fully compliant Accessible PDF to support PDF readers for sight-impaired recipients.

Interactive PDF objects

The Paris PDF output module now also supports Interactive PDF Objects such as check-boxes, radio-buttons, list selectors, signatures, buttons and much more. Output fully interactive PDF for data-capture and extended document workflows.

New Re-Define XML input module

The new Paris Re-Define module allows you to preprocess complex XML input files for input into Paris.

Microsoft XPS input options

A new XPS driver and an XPS-to-Text pre-processor allow you to take native output from Microsoft Dynamics and Great Plains applications and input them directly into Paris.

Simplified output splitting

Simplified Job Separation functionality now makes it easy to split electronic output for emailing, faxing and archive.

Secure printing features

New document features have been added to support secure printing applications such as prescription printing. For example, Micro-Printing and Pantographs.

Paris Scheduler enhancements

The new and improved Paris Scheduler module allows you to post-process Paris output, for example postal sorting, merging, filtering and much more.